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Customer Review

Rachel, Casino, NSW
Such a great idea! I love it to store and show my daughter's art work. It makes her so proud of what she has created. The quality is amazing. I love how you can hang it or stand it up. Many others don't have this options.
Super pleased with this purchase. I love the draining rack - we use it to extend draining options when we have lots of dishes to wash.
Phichamon, HOMEBUSH, NSW
Stunning set - goes well with my matte black dinnerware making dishes look modern and elevated. Could not be happier with this find!
The set is perfect to get you started. The cocktail shaker is on the smaller side, making 1 cocktail at a time. The quality of all the tools is great, and the stand it all sits in allows for tidy storage. I would recommend buying.
Alexandra, WYNN VALE, SA
So love this! Gives out a really good strong aroma and gorgeous moody ambiance